Cloud Nine (Instrumental) Album by Jonathan Lulich
Disc 02 Track 07 The World Is Yours (Open Up Your Eyes) (Instrumental) by Jonathan Lulich 2008-11-11

Song Title: The World Is Yours (Open Up Your Eyes) (Instrumental)
© ℗ 2008 Jonathan Lulich
Genre: Alternative, Electronic
Album: Cloud Nine (Instrumental)

© ℗ 2009 Composed, Arranged, Performance, Mixed, Produced & Published by Jonathan Lulich, Disc 2 Track 7

By Jonathan Lulich

Musician as a youngster (80s & 90s), songwriter as a teen (late 90s & 2000s); turned EDM Producer in 2008. Influences from Kenny G, Neil Diamond & Phil Collins, to Michael Jackson & Linkin Park; more recently 2Cellos, Blacklight District Ed Sheeran, Cryoshell, Dead by April, FifthGuys, NF, Nigel Stanford, STARSET & Tom MacDonald.